Fishing Success at Midtfjellet Vindpark

Used a 8,3" Fishing Magnum Magnet® to recover a lost drill bit at Midtfjellet Vindpark
Location: Fitjar, Norway


Midtfjellet Vindpark (windmill farm) is a power station located at Fitjar, Norway. The station consists of 44 windmills, with a yearly production of 347 GWh. The park represents the newest technology in wind turbine technology and is one of the largest of its kind in Norway. By placing the turbines in close proximity to each other, the station has achieved large economic benefits in regards to operation and maintenance. In addition, the park has been made available to the public by improving the roads in the area. Sports and outdoor activities are also encouraged.
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Photo credit: Toralv M. Brekke


The utility drilling contractor Stangeland Maskin AS was drilling a hole in connection with a foundation of one of the wind turbines at Midtfjellet Vindpark, where they encountered a situation where the drill bit broke off during a drilling operation. The drill bit was left standing in the hole at about 6m depth. Due to the fact that all anchors to the wind turbines have a projected location and are drilled through recess pipes adapted to the reinforcement of the concrete foundation, they were completely dependent on recovering the drill bit in order for them to continue drilling in the same hole.
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Photo credit: Stangeland Maskin AS

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Photo credit: Stangeland Maskin AS


After several attempts to recover the drill bit by the use of 2 different types of magnets, Stangeland Maskin contacted Innovar to assess if we were in possession of a more suitable magnet that could deal with the challenge. Innovar recommended Stangeland to use an 8,3" Magnum Fishing Magnet with a lifting capacity of 1,100 kg.

To ensure the best possible contact between the magnet and the drill bit, Stangeland Maskin first went down the hole with a blower tube connected to a compressor and cleansed the hole thoroughly. The magnet was then lowered into the borehole until they hit the drill bit. Stangeland quickly registered when the magnet got in touch with the drill bit and then started to pull the magnet out of the hole. Both the magnet and the drill bit followed to the surface on the first run.


The drill bit was recovered on the first run by the use of the 8,3" Magnum Fishing Magnet, allowing Stangeland Maskin to resume their work without further complications. The total duration of the operation was less than 3 hours. This quick fishing operation reduced the down time for the contractor.

"We can say that the operation was very successful.
Many thanks to Innovar for good advice and rental of proper equipment."

Per Gunnar Skårland
Stangeland Maskin AS

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Case study:

  • Lost drill bit during drilling operation
  • Two failed attempts to recover drill bit with unknown magnets
  • Haltet project progress

  • Mobilized quickly a 8,3" Magnum Fishing Magnet
  • Ran in hole with magnet

  • Fished out lost drill bit effectively on first attempt
  • Total duration of the fishing operation less then 3 hours
  • Resultet in reduced time and possibly further complications