Fishing and well cleaning products

In addition to providing our established high quality products for successful drilling and completion, Innovar Solutions also develops new and exiting ideas to further improve our tool range.


Safety Shear Swivel

NEW PRODUCT! Safety Shear Swivel for tapered string operations. Prevents excess torque to be transmitted to the smaller pipe.
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Control Line Clamp

This new control line clamp represents a step change in avoidance of fishing jobs while running complex completions with thousands of meters with cables and control lines.
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Flat Bottom Fishing Magnets

The strongest fishing magnets available on the market with a lifting capacity of up to 2800 kg. The Innovar magnum fishing magnets can be used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties.
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X Wing Fishing Magnets

The X Wing® magnet is a perfect wireline tool for removal of ferrous debris in the tool run area or plug setting area.
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String Magnets

The Innovar Innomag® string magnets for WBCU operations.
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String Magnets - Heavy Duty

The heavy-duty Innovar Innomag® string magnet is a wellbore clean-up tool especially designed for casing exits and milling operations.
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String Magnets - Heavy Duty 4X

The Innovar Innomag® 4X HD high capacity string magnet is an extra long wellbore clean-up tool designed for casing exits and milling operations.
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String Magnets - Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing string magnets with Innovar laser focused magnet technology. Can be equipped with x-over's for wireline. Maximum magnetic force against the pipe wall.
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String Magnets IMX - Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing string magnets. Innovar magnet technology, maximum magnetic force against the pipe wall.
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BOP Cleaning Tool

The WirlTool® creates a powerful circular flow pattern that establishes a vortex that draws/pulls debris out from the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) cavities and crevices.
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BOP Cleaning Assembly

The Innovar WirlTool® combined with the powerful Innovar Innomag® and the Magnum Fishing Magnet® ensures the most efficient Blow Out Preventer (BOP) cleanout.
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Completion Liner Drift & Cleaning Tool

The Innovar InnoBristle® is a superior liner brush for cleaning and drifting ahead of the completion string.
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Ditch Magnets

The leading ditch magnet on the market, with its extremely powerful magnets and easy to use filter bags the Innovar Magnetic Mud Filter ensures accurate control of metal return as well as excellent HSE.
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Junk Bailer

The Innovar Jet Bailer® is an excellent wire line operated tool used for fishing objects and debris, particular non-magnetic.
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We strive to become better every day. Working closely with our customers, we listen and learn from their needs and experience. This enables us to develop new products to solve their challenges.
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