Fishing Success in Saudi Arabia

Ran a 1.50” OD Magnum X Fishing Magnet® to recover lost dogs (Locking Keys) of a 2.313” Lock Mandrel from a well onshore Saudi Arabia.
Location: Saudi Arabia

Operations were halted to find a solution to retrieve key dogs lost in the well from a 2.313” Lock Mandrel inside 2-7/8” Tubing.
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Due to the depth, shape, and size of the lost Key Dogs, a quick and cost-effective solution was difficult to find. The customer was looking at a workover which would be a costly option and also lost production days.

Innovar Solutions has a full range of fishing magnets in the kingdom for drill pipe, coil tubing and slickline. Innovar was contacted and our slickline run fishing magnet which has no magnetism on the OD of the tool was selected as the ideal solution. The FMW 15ss tool was selected due to the restriction ID and also as it has a lifting capacity of 28 kgs which was enough to retrieve the Key Dogs. The Key Dogs were retrieved successfully in the first run and operations continued.

For more information regarding our flat bottom fishing magnets, please follow this link or go to our Product Page.

Any questions regarding this job or business inquiries in the Middle East please contact: Mr. Colin Graham, Regional Manager Innovar Solutions Middle East, at or call +971545821955.

Case study:

  • Lost Key Dog from a 2.313” Lock Mandrel.
  • Very difficult to retrieve.
  • Operations shut down looking for a solution.
  • Mobilized within a couple of hours the Innovar FMW 15ss, 1.50” OD Slickline run Magnum Fishing Magnet.
  • The FMW 15ss is the ideal tool for Slickline operations as there’s zero magnatism on the OD of the tool.
  • Only 1 run required.
  • Retrieved additional debris in same run.
  • Run on Slickline for a quick operation.
  • No requirement for multiple runs, cost saving solutions using Innovar services.