The Innovar 8,3-in OD Magnum Fishing Magnet recovers 75 kg fish on the first run

Utility drilling contractor Norsk Retningsboring AS lost one of the cutters from their 38 1/2" hole-opener, 740 meters in well.
Location: Meråker, Norway

The utility drilling contractor Norsk Retningsboring AS is currently drilling a well for a hydroelectric power station located in Meråker, Norway. 

While running a 38 1/2" hole-opener, one of the arms and cutters broke off from the hole-opener at 740 meters in the well, leaving the contractor unable to continue their operation.
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Pictures from the well revealed that the cutter was lying in a crack within the 26" pilot-hole.
With a total weight of 75 kg for the arm and cutter and an estimate of 8 large bolts in the well, Norsk Retningsboring was looking for a quick and effective method of removing the debris, that was haulting the entire project.
Ove Heggland, General Manager at Norsk Retningsboring AS, contacted Innovar to see if we had the right tool for this fishing operation.

After some clarifications, Innovar suggested that Norsk Retningsboring should run the Innovar 8,3-in OD Magnum Fishing Magnet in combination with an 8,3-in OD Innomag string magnet. By combining the two tools, we would ensure full magnetic coverage while running in the well. The intention was for the large flat bottom fishing magnet to retrieve the lost arm and cutter, while the string magnet could potentially collect any of the lost bolts.

With a lifting capacity of over 1000 kg, the 8,3" OD Magnum fishing magnet should have no problem lifting the cutter out of the crack it was lying in.  
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Once agreed, the tools were quickly mobilized to the well site. On the first run, the fishing magnet retrieved the lost arm and cutter. But there were still some large bolts lying further up in the well, so a second run was made with the fishing magnet to retrieve the lost bolts. All bolts and debris were fished out on the second run and Norsk Retningsboring could continue their operation.
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Case study:

  • Arm and cutter from a 38 1/2" hole-opener and 8 large bolts lost 740 meters inside the well.
  • Fish weighs approx. 75 kg and is laying on the low side, trapped in a crack in the 26" pilot-hole.
  • Halted project progress.
  • Mobilized a 8,3” OD Magnum Fishing Magnet® and a 8,3" OD Innomag string magnet to drill site.
  • Retrieved lost arm and cutter on the first run, ran a second run to collect the lost bolts.
  • Fished out lost arm and cutter effectively in one run.
  • Prevented further delay in a large and complex project.
  • No steel debris left in the hole, hole good to go for remaining drilling