The Innovar Jet Bailer Proves its Capabilities at Statoil Operated Field

The Jet Bailer successfully penetrates packed proppants, making the mobilization of coiled tubing unnecessary for the contractor
Location: Norwegian Continental Shelf


DeepWell AS was performing a wireline operation for Statoil on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, to clean a well for proppants. During the operation they faced a situation with proppants being severely packed, making it very difficult to continue the operation with their ordinary tools. The Jet Bailer provides an extreme jetting force, which can help break through and lossen packed material. DeepWell therefore contacted Innovar to assess if the Jet Bailer would be a better alternative to the different bailers they were operating with. They also experienced steel shavings in the well and requested several fishing magnets.

jet bailor fotograf detalj bilde

Photo credit: Innovar Solutions AS


Innovar mobilized the Jet Bailer together with 4 wireline fishing magnets.  By combining the Innovar MX-300 X-Wing magnet with a spear, DeepWell was able to recover most of the steel shavings. 

The operator was evaluating to mobilize coiled tubing to revenue the proppants. Making the run with the Jet Bailer their last attempt. The Jet Bailer proved to be successful. Not only was it able to breach through the packed proppants, it also brought 4 liters of proppants back to the surface on the first run. By the use of the Jet Bailer, DeepWell was able to continue their wireline operation with traditional pump bailers and retrieved over 12 liters of proppants and mud on the following runs.

The Jet Bailer is superior to traditional hydrostatic bailers and jetting tools because it generates an extreme jetting force that agitates and loosen objects and debris, in this case the proppants, below the tool. Simultaneously the expelled fluid is sucked back into a fishing chamber together with the debris. 
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Photo credit: DeepWell AS


The Jet Bailer was the client's last attempt to breach the proppants before mobilizing the coiled tubing unit. With the successful result from the Jet Bailer, the client was able to continue with the wireline unit, which resulted in a considerable cost saving and reduced rig time.

Additional Information Regarding the Innovar Jet Bailer

The Innovar Jet Bailer is a wireline operated tool used to fish for objects and debris (non-magnetic in particular). The principle of the tool is to eject and suck up a similar amount of fluids in one simultaneous and extremely powerful operation. The tool is driven by the hydrostatic well pressure and activated by added pressure from the surface or mechanical force exerted by the W/L tool string.

The bottom jet tubes are replaceable and can be tailor-made for fishing outside or inside equipment in the well.
  • Achieve hydraulic functions run on wireline, fast operation.
  • Easy to reassemble, continuous operation
  • Activation by hydraulic pressure, mechanical force or jarring, not dependent on plugged well.
  • As the tool also ejects fluid, it minimizes the risk of being hydraulically stuck.

The ideal tool for fishing:
  • Rubber parts
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Sand
  • Settled mud
  • Packed proppants
  • Loosen stuck debris


Case study:

  • Unable to breach through packed proppants
  • Steel shavings in the well

  • Mobilized the Innovar Jet Bailor together with 4 wireline fishing magnets
  • Successful breach of packed proppants

  • Avoided rig-up of coiled tubing
  • Reduced rig time
  • Reduced cost