Clean-Up Magnet Recovers Debris from Perforating Operation

Four 3,5” Modular X Wing® Magnets were installed below the perforating guns, to recover steel debris from perforating the well
Location: Offshore, Norway

The field

The field is located northwest of Stavanger and has been producing for several years. The platform has several production wells and water injectors. The geology is very complicated and the oil has high viscosity, hence the most advanced well design and production technology are used. All wells on this platform are horizontal wells.
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Photo credit: Innovar Solutions AS

Re-completion of old production wells

The toe section of the horizontal well was plugged back, and the old screens pulled due to poor production performance. The 6 5/8” liner was then logged and gauged using wireline. The well was re-perforated higher up in the horizontal section using wireline-perforating guns run on a tractor. Straddle packers were thereafter installed using a tractor. Finally, the operator installed modular screen sections over several runs, each section latched together to the previous section. The operator experienced problems to get a good latch of the screens and found the latch mechanism packed with steel debris when pulled to the surface for inspection.
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Photo credit: Innovar Solutions AS

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Photo credit: Innovar Solutions AS

Perforating operation with magnets

Based on previous experience from perforating in Canada, the operator asked for magnets to be installed below the perforating guns for the next re-completion job. Innovar Solutions provided four 3,5” modular X Wing® magnets that were made up to the assembly. These magnets were originally made for dedicated stand-alone clean up runs on slickline or wireline, so this was a new innovative application. The magnets came out of the hole full of steel debris after the perforating operation.


Cleaning the well for steel debris will increase the probability for successful latch of the completion screen sections. As the consequence of pulling the screens and re-run for a second attempt is quite large (24 hrs + rig time), the total risk is reduced.

Case study:


  • Steel particle debris from perforating guns & casing caused problems when attempting to latch modular screen sections together


  • The challenge was identified correctly by the operator
  • Innovar supplied a 3,5” Modular X Wing® magnet to be installed below the perforating guns


  • Large amounts of steel debris was recovered on the magnets
  • Facilitated trouble free latch of modular screen sections
  • Reduced probability of mis-runs and lost rig time