Langemann - A new non-rotating magnet for casing exits

Innovar Solutions has developed a new magnet called Langemann (Heavy-duty string magnets) Langemann is designed for casing exits and milling operations. The product has been used successfully in sidetrack operations and is especially suited for Whipstock operations.

Innovar has 20 years of experience with design, development, and manufacturing of high-quality products in cooperation with clients.

Langemann, is an efficient wellbore clean-up tool that covers casing sizes from 9 ⅝ to 20 inch, and is an oriented non-rotating magnet that can withstand high temperatures of up to 180°C.

Our products are developed in-house at our head office in Stavanger, Norway. We can deliver extremely efficient fishing and wellbore cleaning tools for the oil industry, says Sales & Marketing Executive, Henrik Hagen.  

Langemann - A new non-rotating magnet for casing exits

Langemann. Extreme Carrying Capacity 


By using this type of magnet technology, swarf in the BOP can be greatly reduced during milling operations.

Langemann is an extra-long wellbore clean-up tool with high carrying capacity, that can withstand extreme downhole conditions experienced during milling operations. 

- We sell and rent out our products to the oil industry worldwide and have our own offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Our mission is to analyze ineffective methods and tools, with the intent to develop, manufacture, and sell solutions that will create greater value for the client, says Sales Operation Manager, Terje Aareskjold.  


Amazing Results 

In February of this year, Innovar Solutions client, Baker Hughes, used the Langemann for their 20” Whipstock milling operation in the North Sea.  

- The major client was amazed by the results. Langemann managed to remove practically all swarf. In total, 1425 kg was removed.

In the future, this is the setup we prefer a representative from Baker Hughes reported.

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